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Kimiya Sanat Espitman

Manufacturer of Traffic Signs and safety equipment

Design and production of equipment and Traffic signs

Our Products

Design and production of equipment , Traffic and Road signs

electronic Signs , equipment and Solar lighting

LED solar signs

Design, production and Installation


Kimiya Sanat Espitman Engineering Company The founder of the new era of the production of traffic Solutions in IRAN

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Our Services

Kimiya Sanat Espitman Engineering Services are divided into three categories


A leading manufacturer of all types of traffic equipment, including traffic signs, plastic products, metal , Solar and electronic products


After the end of the production process, your order is available at the Mashhad Door Depot Company and all around the World with the TIPAX post.


If your traffic project involves installation or execution, our executive team will be with you from the beginning to the end of the project.

Other Services of Kimiya Sanat Espitman :

  • Product Design

    Find the product you are looking for? Order product design through the following form.
  • Renovation and Reconstruction

    We've also thought about old-fashioned or defective traffic products ...
  • Contracting

    We are now ready to accept your projects as a second contractor.

Some of Our Partners

We are proud to have come to the forefront in the industry of traffic guidance boards and traffic equipment. We are grateful to the private and public organizations and agencies that have trusted us.

Equipment Manufacturer, Traffic Signs and Solar Traffic Solutions

Design and production of electronic panel and solar panels